School Fee Payment Regulations for 2024-2025

  1. School fee shall be paid round the clock, only through the school website given /
  2. In case of non-generation of payment receipt instantly, please do not pay for a second time. Parents/ Students are requested to wait at least for one more working day from the date of transaction. If still the problem exists, please proceed with a fresh transaction. Your earlier payment, if received by the bank after two working days of your first transaction, will be refunded or adjusted in next Quarter.
  3. School Fee Payment dates are as follows :-
    • 6th - 20th of April (1st installment)
    • 1st – 20th of July (2nd installment)
    • 1st – 20th of October (3rd installment)
    • 1st – 20th of January (4th installment)
  4. Payment by Cheque will not be accepted by school or bank.
  5. Cash will be accepted only through cash challan downloaded from school website and paid in any branch of ICICI bank only. A sum of Rs. 29.50 will be charged by the bank as bank charges on payment through cash challan.
  6. ...
  7. NEFT or Direct transfer into the School Bank Account is not allowed.
  8. If the last date i.e. 20th of the month is a holiday, the fees will be accepted without fine on the following working day.
  9. If the fees are not paid by the last dates mentioned above, a fine of Rs. 100/- for the days and thereafter Rs.100/- shall be charged for the following months.
  10. Fees are payable for the full scholastic year. No deduction will be made for broken periods of absence.
  11. Those who leave the school in December must pay the fees for the remaining session.
  12. Promotion to the next class will be given only after all the dues are cleared.
  13. Fees once paid will not be refunded.
  14. Fees will be increased due to increase in D.A and other emoluments to be paid to the school staff members.
  15. Fee Structure 2024-2025